Noelle Price


What scares your character most?

At 15 Noelle had developed a close friendship with Shane, a fellow student from the “wrong side of the tracks”. At the time Noelle was very bubbly & naïve of the world around her. She trusted Shane, unaware that he did his best to protect her. One day Shane started a fight with another older student resulting in Shane and the student being arrested and suspended. Noelle had never heard her parents so angry, or frightened. They forbid her to be friends with Shane. She never had a chance to rebel however. Shane was forced to move after a group of gang members broke into his house, sending him into the hospital.

Noelle knew that Shane wasn’t a bad kid. What she did see was the harsh consequences of acting rashly. That no matter how simple an action may appear to be, the rippling consequences can be catastrophic if you don’t see them coming. As a result, Noelle is afraid of not being in control of her life. She is afraid of the chaotic consequences of unplanned actions. Choice is the one thing she is afraid of losing, because without choice, she cannot protect herself from the dangers which may result.

When your character was 10 years old, what did he/she want to be when he/she grew up?

Noelle wanted to become a rock star. When she was little she got into the theater scene, sometimes even landing the lead role. It was the applause that she loved, proof that she was truly great. It was better than being a princess, she imagined. Then the ordeal with Shane occurred. She became afraid of the unknowable individuals in the audience, but she still loved the applause & the cheer. After Shane was hospitalized, she became more aware of those around her, of how jealous others became of her and of each other. She saw the divide between the actors & the stage crew, but was wise enough to know that you could not have a show without either team. She also saw how the stage crew worked better with each other in the shadows working hard to make everybody look good instead of clamoring for the spot light.

Her love of the audience combined with her need to observe & calculate her decisions kept her in theater while her experience with both sets of people allowed her to effectively deal with issues on both sides. Noelle’s skills naturally got her the Student Assistant title for the Stage Manager in the Theatre program at Boston University.

What’s your character’s idea of the perfect lover? How about the perfect one night stand?

Noelle is attracted to guys who display a genuine sense of confidence, as opposed to guys who try too hard to prove something. Confidence in one’s abilities is one thing but if that confidence blinds a person from practicality, then it is nothing more than misplaced pride. This fine line and her focus on her career has kept Noelle from indulging in any flings.

If she finds a guy whom she hopes to make a life with however, that sense of constantly evolving confidence which doesn’t stop improving one’s self is essential. She needs a guy who she can rely successfully as she relies on herself. Someone who doesn’t fail at covering her back or being there to support her when she needs someone to lean on.

What’s your character’s idea of a really fun time?

Noelle enjoys seeing her planning come to fruition through the enjoyment of others and hosting parties allows her to see the “audience” more clearly than a theater production. She has become known for her classy parties, masquerades, and networking events. Sometimes she can even manipulate events at her parties in her favor, like a social game of chess, without directly interacting with those involved, but never at the expense of someone else. One never knows when that sort of childish play can come back to haunt you.

Does your character have a favorite book or movie? What is it?

Noelle is more interested in the audiences’ reaction to the production, presentation, and performance of the plays than the plays themselves. But if she had to admit it, stories of the “tragic hero” have a soft spot in her heart (and not one she cares to speculate as to why). Greek mythology, Hamlet, and even Lion King all portray the main character as the victim of an event only to have the victim come back with retribution. Sadly, reality isn’t as romantic and tragedies stay tragic.

Would your character be religious and/ or superstitious before he becomes something more than human? What about after?

Noelle had a Catholic upbringing, but her naïveté of the evils around her prevented her from holding much stock in those who used the bible to condemn others. Shane falling to such harsh retribution towards his rash actions proved that there isn’t an active deity damning the wicked & saving the innocent.

That doesn’t mean she is against religion. She tried dabbling in other faiths, but never found anything that called to her. Noelle finds stability in her own confidence and observational skills. She feels she does more good by entertaining others than forcing them to live a certain way.

What’s your character’s greatest regret? What accomplishment gives him the most pride?

Noelle’s greatest regret is not noticing the events which led to Shane attacking the older student. She later found out that the bully had been making threats involving Noelle to Shane, which caused Shane to lose control. If she saw the signs and was able to read what Shane would do for her, she could have done something different to prevent Shane from ending up in the hospital. Noelle is now lives her life by more thoroughly thinking out her actions and what reactions from those around her would result. She has tried to make everybody happy, but attempting to do that cost her a few friends & boyfriends. She still tries to please people when she can but understands that it is not always possible, often choosing the better result of her options overall.

Noelle’s greatest accomplishment is what solidified her interest in stage management. After proving how much of an asset she was to the stage crew, she got to try her hand at Assistant Stage Director. The resulting performance was a hit, and Noelle was able to tackle any snags smoothly before they became a problem for the show. Even the Stage Director was impressed with her.

What is your character after?

Noelle has always found theater to be a perfect escape from reality, and all the time & effort she puts into the production helps her keeps her from thinking about the horrors in the world from too long. The final result of her labors offer an escape for everyone else too, where they can forget their own lives and safely live through the story on stage. Noelle hopes to continue with theater and become a renowned director someday.

Noelle Price

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