Jerry Detwiler


Detwiler is in his late 40s. He is tall and lean, keeps his hair neatly groomed and wears crisp suits to class. He insists on decorum from students and has been known to kick pupils out for wearing hats or chewing gum. Detwiler fidgets constantly.


Jerry Detwiler is, and always has been, arrogant and self-assured. A professor of psychology, his research into schizophrenia and its treatment promised to herald a new era of psychiatric medicine. Or so he believed, until further research demonstrated that his methods were flawed and required much more testing, all of which Detwiler brushed off bitterly (and still does). He remains a dogged pragmatist and atheist. He has even begun teaching an annual course in paranormal studies with the unstated purpose of disproving and discrediting such bunk.

Jerry Detwiler

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